Nicolas Lemire, 10 years as President of Pageau Morel

Nicolas Lemire

June 2023 marks a decade of excellence for Pageau Morel President Nicolas Lemire. We would like to highlight the 10 years of Nicolas’s presidency, an exemplary leader who has had a profound impact on our company. Throughout this decade, Nicolas has demonstrated unwavering dedication, hard work, and genuine care for the team and the firm.

Nicolas is much more than just a president for us: he is a model of down-to-earth, humble, and authentic leadership. To give him all the recognition he deserves, we asked the team to send us some words for him. Here is how the team describes Nicolas:

« Nicolas’s dynamic and engaging personality generates movement and it’s the reason why I’m proud to be part of this wonderful firm! »

« Over the past ten years, with Nicolas behind the helm of this solid company, I have always felt a sense of security and in harmony with my values. »

« It’s clear that working with Nicolas doesn’t mean working FOR the president, but rather working WITH the president. »

« We’re lucky to have a boss who is so down to earth! »

« His humanity, his fairness and the heart he brings to the management of the company are remarkable. »

« The important thing to remember about Nicolas is that he’s a wonderful and authentic human being with a great heart and boundless generosity. »

Despite being quite busy and having many commitments, he remains available to all the members of the firm, always ready to listen and to share his wisdom. His door is always open, and his willingness to listen to everyone’s concerns and ideas creates a culture of inclusion and innovation that is second to none.

What distinguishes Nicolas is his deep attachment to Pageau Morel and to the people who make it up. He has a great love for Pageau Morel. Every decision he makes is guided by a real concern for the well-being of our team and the success of the company. He never loses sight of the importance of creating a harmonious work environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to give their best.

During these 10 years, Nicolas has helped transform our company into a true community, where the team is encouraged to innovate, grow and excel. Through his vision and leadership, we have successfully navigated challenges and opportunities, strengthening our market position and enabling us to thrive.

Nicolas also plays a key role in promoting corporate social responsibility. His passion and commitment to social and environmental causes guide our actions and allow us to continue to be a company truly committed to sustainable development.

Today, we honour Nicolas for his 10 years of dedication, hard work and commitment to our company and our team. His presidency is marked by exceptional achievements, but also by his determination to always put people at the centre of his decisions.

Thank you, Nicolas, for your inspiring leadership and for being our guide all these years. We are proud to work with you and to continue to build a bright future together for our company and team.

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