July 13, 2017

Pageau Morel wins the AQME award

From left to right: Alain Desjardins, President, AQME; Daniel Picard, Eng., Project Manager, Pageau Morel; Roland Charneux, Eng., Director, Pageau Morel; Mathieu Leclerc, Eng., Director, Pageau Morel; Jean Lacroix, CEO, AQME

MEC Head Office

On May 31, during the 27th Énergia Awards hosted by the Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l’énergie (AQME), Pageau Morel won the AQME award for the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) Head Office construction project in Vancouver.

The Énergia competition rewards the excellence of achievements in energy efficiency and expertise in Quebec.

The MEC head office, located south-west of downtown Vancouver, is a brand new construction composed of a wood structure and abundant fenestration. The 109 275 sq ft building, hosting more than 375 employees, includes a 4-floor main wing, a 3-floor secondary wing and a roof terrace. The building also includes administrative offices, a call centre, a sewing room and laboratories.

The new head office is seeking a LEED Platinum certification and integrates a series of energy efficiency and sustainable development measures. Among these, there is wind-assisted hybrid natural ventilation, abundant fenestration with triple-glazed windows and motorized blinds, a grey-water recovery system for toilets, heat recovery systems on shower drains to preheat domestic water, as well as eight heat pumps with geothermal wells for heating and chilling. The new head office thus offers a reduction in energy consumption of around 43%.

Pageau Morel is very proud of this acknowledged recognition in the industry. The head office project is a continuation of the high-performance projects the company has undertaken on behalf of MEC across Canada. Also, MEC is an exemplary client from an environmental point of view. Since the famous Marché Central store project—which has been awarded a series of equally prestigious awards, including the ASHRAE Engineering Award of Excellence—MEC trusts Pageau Morel for its projects all across the country. All the credit goes back to MEC since it is clearly defined in its own fundamental values: the company strives for excellence in all aspects of its operations. Nothing less!

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