July 13, 2017

Nadim Abou-Chacra, Fellow of Engineers Canada

Pageau Morel team from left to right: Jacques De Grâce, Eng., Executive Vice-President; Nicole Vachon, CPA, CA, Vice-President | Finance; Claude Giguère, Eng., Vice-President; Nadim Abou-Chacra, Eng., Project Manager; Pierre-Luc Baril, Eng., Vice-President

Nadim Abou-Chacra, Eng., FEC, Project Manager, Pageau Morel and Chris Roney, P.Eng., FEC, Engineers Canada President

At the Excellence in Engineering gala of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) symposium held on May 8, Nadim Abou-Chacra, engineer, project manager at Pageau Morel, received from Engineers Canada president Chris Roney, P.Eng., FEC, the privilege of using the prestigious title of Fellow of Engineers Canada (FEC).

This distinction is conferred on Nadim Abou-Chacra in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the engineering profession in Canada, especially during the last 15 years as volunteer on the OIQ Professional Inspection Committee.

Pageau Morel is proud to have among its employees a qualified, experienced, integral and professional engineer as Nadim!

Pageau Morel wishes to congratulate and to deeply thank Nadim for his exceptional contribution to the advancement of the profession. The promotion of knowledge is one of Pageau Morel’s core values, and Nadim clearly embodies it. The profession is in great need of role models like Nadim Abou-Chacra and this mark of recognition firmly confirms his exceptional qualities.

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