For better comfort, improved performance of your building systems, and maximized savings!

Thanks to its many years of experience and a pool of experts, PAGEAU MOREL has developed a project management process specific to each client. The key steps in this process are initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control and project closure. Depending on the size of your project, a management plan is prepared and monitored on a periodic basis and includes among others the following:

  • Precise definition of the project and client needs.
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Evaluating required effort.
  • Sequencing activities and schedule.
  • Risk management plan (schedule, cost, and quality).
  • Communication plan (with whom, how often, and how will information travel).

For each project, PAGEAU MOREL designates a project manager who acts as the main point of contact with the client’s representative. This person is responsible for efficient planning, team mobilization, supervision and control during the project, and manages the mandate from beginning to end. Periodic meetings with team members ensure the proper progress of the project, build team spirit, and foster discussion and innovation. During a mandate, the PAGEAU MOREL project manager has regular discussions with the client about specific constraints, changes, and costs, in order to obtain the required information in a timely manner and successfully complete the project.

Our project managers’ approach mainly consists in:

  • Fostering long life for your building.
  • Providing spaces adapted to the activities in the building and creating versatile and safe areas for its users.
  • Integrating sustainable development principles (environmental protection).
  • Incorporating the latest technologies in energy efficiency to reduce annual energy consumption.

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