GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
New offices in Sainte-Foy

2009-2010/Sainte-Foy (Québec)/3,200 m2/34,500 ft2

New fast-track construction with construction management

Project description

Construction of an innovative 3,200 m², high-energy efficient building with a wooden structure, built to meet LEED-NC Gold certification standards. PAGEAU MOREL was able to remarkably integrate many state-of-the-art technologies in an avant-garde wooden structure, complete with interactive spaces (atrium)! Geothermal energy, hot and cold radiating tiles, intelligent natural and artificial lighting, natural ventilation controlled by a weather station, active cooling beams, and rainwater recovery systems were combined in an efficient and appropriate way.
Thus, thanks to a combination of various technologies, GSK’s new office building has outperformed by 52 % versus a comparable building and received its LEED-NC Gold certification in March 2013!

Challenges and Solutions

  • LEED-NC Gold certification.
  • Natural lighting: modular efficient lighting with controls according to occupation and the level of sunlight.
  • Heating and cooling using geothermal heat pumps – Internal heat gain recovery and from severs thanks to heat pumps.
  • Heating and cooling using radiant flooring.
  • Air conditioning using active cooling beams.
  • Heat recovery air exchanger using reverse-flow cassettes.
  • Pumps and variable speed fans.
  • Intelligent energy management and measurement system.
  • Energy metre to help diagnostics and to maintain a level of efficiency for the building.


  • AICQ's Léonard 2012 | Mechanical-Electrical Building
  • Contech Trophy 2011 | Innovative Practices (awarded to PAGEAU MOREL in colaboration with Hudon Julien Architectes)

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