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2007-2008/Montréal (Québec)

Computer room expansion

Project description

Expansion of the computer room’s capacity from 33 kWTI to 80 kWTI. For this project, a new electrical distribution (2N) was installed to supply cabinets, as well as two uninterruptible power supply units of 80 kW/100 kVA each. Existing cooling units were replaced in order to increase reliability, efficiency, and cooling capacity. New cooling equipment as well as their sequence of operation were chosen to meet the new ASHRAE standards. The equipment is controlled to maintain optimum operating conditions of temperature and humidity in the cold corridors of the computer room.

Challenges and Solutions

  • 10 % energy cost reduction for cooling compared to a standard design.
  • Work planned out in collaboration with the general contractor.
  • Computer room remained operational during construction.
  • Strategy for special cooling in order to control temperature in the server room when using batteries since there was no cooling available (no generator).
  • Increase of the room’s cooling efficiency in order to reduce specific power consumption (mechanical load kW / total kW).
  • Guaranteed cooling for computer equipment during a Hydro-Quebec blackout.
  • Refroidissement des équipements informatiques assuré lors d'une panne électrique du réseau d'Hydro-Québec.

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