Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
Multipurpose Complex and Shooting Range

2008-2012/Rigaud (Québec)/12,500 m2/135,000 ft2

New construction

Project description

Construction of a new multipurpose complex coupled with a shooting range in order to add weapons training for the border services agents. The specialized infrastructures are comprised of two shooting ranges with 18 lanes each, as well as classrooms and related facilities.
Design of imposing 120,000 CFM (56,600 L/s) ventilation facilities for the shooting ranges with absolute filters and ensuring a perfectly laminar airflow for the shooting lanes. Radiant heating in shooting ranges and showers. New 25 kV substation connected to main building’s electrical input, new 438 kVA generator, low-voltage centralized lighting control. New 500 tonne chiller in the existing plant.
Functional and technical program (FTP), followed by phases for concept, preliminary plans and specifications, final energy simulations, life cycle cost analysis, as well as construction supervision and support for LEED certification.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Aiming for LEED certification.
  • Adherence to PWGSC procedures, standards and norms.
  • High level of security and comfort for users.
  • Special measures used for noise protection in order to meet strict acoustic requirements for the shooting range. Acoustic simulations for different control scenarios.
  • Double-sheath ventilation system with terminal control per room, ensuring premium ventilation and comfort.
  • New underground connections for heating which would be connected to the existing plant.
  • Motion detectors used to minimize operation costs.
  • Simulations performed to establish minimal levels of fresh air needed to optimize flow of outside air required.
  • Chilled-water system connected to the shooting range and to the existing power plant in order to optimize chillers’ energy performance according to loads.
  • Reducing water consumption.
  • Energy efficiency and thermal resistance of the building shell surpasses industry standards and regulatory scales, which generates energy cost savings.
  • Design of one of the biggest interior shooting ranges in the country, equipped with ventilated walls to ensure laminar airflow for the shooting lanes.

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