Buanderie centrale de Montréal

2007-2010/Montréal (Québec)/10,300 m2/111,000 ft2

Energy efficiency study and implementation of measures in fast-track mode

Project description

Offering laundry services for Montreal hospitals for over 30 years, the Buanderie centrale de Montréal (BCM) began a major project in 2006 in order to increase productivity and the quality of its internal environment. The innovative solutions presented by PAGEAU MOREL allowed the integration of systems that greatly improved employee comfort and energy savings. Our team was innovative in establishing the master plan, the design of HVAC systems, the design of the heat recover plenum for preheating dryer air supply, etc. The BCM is now one of the most efficient laundries in North America!

Challenges and Solutions

  • Optimizing the mezzanine and grouping all ventilation units.
  • Equipment on the roof was moved or installed inside, reducing the amount of exterior noise and improving the architectural style.
  • Energy savings in order to reduce pressure on public resources.
  • Increase of the reliability of services offered by the BCM (the laundry being considered as an essential service) and employee comfort (air quality, lighting, etc.).
  • Reducing energy consumption, noise and visual impacts, and reusing existing equipment as much as possible (ventilation ducting sections, heating coils, valves, etc.).
  • Ventilation design consisted in conserving the maximum amount of energy inside the laundry while improving occupant comfort.
  • All mechanical equipment and accessories that could be cleaned and repaired were used in the project, including the recovery plenum’s preheat coil.


  • ASHRAE Technology Award 2011 | Existing Industrial Facilities or Processes - Second Place (International)
  • AQME's Énergia Award 2010 | Industrial Process
  • AICQ's 2010 Léonard | Consulting Engineering Next Generation

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