Aéroports de Montréal

2000-2006/Montréal (Québec)/128,400 m2/1,382,200 ft2

Airport expansion with multiple phases in construction management

Project description

Since 1994, PAGEAU MOREL has been involved in the modernization of the Airport’s existing infrastructures. From 2000 to 2006, the firm—in consortium with partners—carried out the following projects: new transborder and international jetty, primary inspection line, luggage room, northeast expansion, power plant, Air Canada VIP, and a new thermal power plant adjacent to the terminal replacing the old high temperature plant located 1.5 km away, renovations to hangar T-123 and secondary customs, redevelopment of the arrivals hall, temporary facilities for occupants in order to allow completion of work and other projects such as the lighting of runways, the demolition of the old transborder jetty, the decommissioning of the old boiler, and partial demolition of the aeroquay. Montreal-Trudeau airport’s energy efficiency was optimized to significantly reduce the energy bill of airport facilities in Montreal. "Since 2004, energy savings exceed 50 % annually."

Challenges and Solutions

  • Minimal impact on airport operations and occupant comfort.
  • Ensuring airport security and safety of occupants at all times.
  • Design of electrical systems for a world-class airport while respecting the following criteria: stringent quality, durability, efficiency, innovation and profitability.
  • Peaceful and welcoming atmosphere for passengers.
  • Flexible, profitable and efficient spaces for ADM’s business partners.
  • Design of electrical systems according to needs during the later construction phases.
  • Conception des systèmes électriques en fonction des besoins des phases ultérieures de construction.
  • Access control system for controlled door supervision and door opening using card readers and numerical keypads.
  • Video surveillance systems using strategically placed cameras according to security needs.

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