Émilie L’italien Le Blanc, Eng., ASHRAE HFDP

I particularly appreciate the values of sustainable development and energy efficiency that prevail within the firm...

Émilie L'italien Le Blanc, Eng., ASHRAE HFDP

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PAGEAU MOREL’s work environment includes important values that are the framework of our management practices. Each of PAGEAU MOREL’s employees adheres to them. This fosters an environment where employees can grow, thrive, and feel fulfilled by their career.

  • Authenticity
    A sincere commitment to integrity, respect, fairness and transparency.
  • Continuity
    Making every effort to ensure the sustainability of our firm through business development, promoting knowledge, continuity of service, and building upon our tradition of excellence.
  • Creativity
    Cultivating our ability to find innovative solutions by daring to think outside the box, always with impeccable technical mastery.
  • Collaboration
    Working closely and proactively with all stakeholders, and remaining key partners to carry out successful projects.

Health and Safety Policy

PAGEAU MOREL considers the health and safety of its employees to be of paramount importance and asks its management and staff to provide a safe and healthy work environment using reasonable and realistic means to achieve it.

Prerequisites to our accident prevention programme are the commitment and involvement of everyone. You must comply with the safety measures in your workspace, perform your tasks in such a way so as not put yourself or your coworkers at risk, and participate in prevention activities.

We rely on your cooperation to make our work environment a place where you and your colleagues can work safely.

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