Eric Aubry, Technician

The work environment, friendliness among colleagues and family atmosphere are the things I enjoy the most at PAGEAU MOREL...

Eric Aubry, Technician

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Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

PAGEAU MOREL has been ISO 9001 certified since May 22, 1996. This certification was granted by Intertek Canada Testing and Inspection Services and is renewed every year through internal and external audits.

PAGEAU MOREL's management is committed to promoting and improving quality within the company in order to ensure sustainability and its capacity for innovation. For this purpose, PAGEAU MOREL implements good business and engineering practices, such as:

  • making everyone accountable for their work, and evaluating each person based on results;
  • training everyone according to their specific needs;
  • providing the latest technological resources;
  • defining work procedures to ensure the optimization of solutions provided to clients;
  • analyzing and verifying management and production processes;
  • monitoring and following up on client satisfaction;
  • satisfaction of applicable requirements.

The firm’s Quality Manual includes the policy, procedures and its objectives. The procedures describe the company specific requirements in terms of quality. PAGEAU MOREL continuously ensures that its system remains relevant, appropriate and effective.

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