Gaëtan Emond, Principal Technician, Project Manager, Associate

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Gaëtan Emond, Principal Technician, Project Manager, Associate

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PAGEAU MOREL - A Sustainable Commitment

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PAGEAU MOREL is a consulting engineering firm specialized in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, energy efficiency and ecodesign.

The firm's specialists provide cutting-edge technical solutions and collaborate in the success of our clients in the following sectors:

Our team

PAGEAU MOREL currently employs 275 people, more than 155 of whom are engineers. The firm is overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of eight members who are active in the firm. All shareholders are employees of PAGEAU MOREL, providing the firm with a stability that is greatly valued in the engineering field.

Excellence awards won by PAGEAU MOREL demonstrate our ability to develop innovative solutions.

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